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About Me

Who am I?

My name is Disa, and I can tell you that as a young Swedish woman, I would never have thought that I would end up living on a beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

I came to Malta 2014 and joined the exciting and ever-changing iGaming business as a Live Dealer. Since then, I have grown my knowledge and experience, working in different fields within the business. My passion for both people and iGaming itself is what drives me to continue to learn more from both the perspective as a player and the operators.

Why starting a blog?

My focus and vision with my platform will be to reduce anonymity in the casino industry, to make the industry more transparent with the aid of, video material, articles, and more.

I will share new innovative insight into the casino industry and give all Live-Casino enthusiasts a transparent Behind the Scenes. I believe that the industry has lost the human factor and I want to change that with your ideas, my expertise, and bringing us all together.

What to expect?

I will share news, insights, interviews, and more about this fast-paced world, creating transparency between operators and players. You can expect it to be exciting and informative as we together embark on the journey of diving deeper into the world of iGaming. If you, yourself, have information or thoughts, feel free to contact me so that we together can gain as much knowledge about our shared passion and interest - iGaming.

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" Do you want more knowledge and news about the Casino world?
I will bring you all of it and more through different content channels. Not only will you hear my insight, I will also introduce you to some colourful individuals who are well known within the iGaming and Online Casino industry.
So, make sure to follow me so that you don’t miss out on anything! "


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Contact Me

I created Casino by Her for the everyday iGaming enthusiast, a place to find not only news but also inspirational thoughts and ideas.

If you, like me, have insightand thoughts that might help others, whether you want to be featured or just share the information, I would love to hear it all!

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Let’s catch up - I promise, I won’t bite!