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Disa Stigh from CasinoByHer

Disa Stigh

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January 15, 2021

Great.com reached out for an interview regarding my background and Casino By Her. I wanted to share my vision of Casino By Her which is to highlight extremely talented iGaming profiles and to become a transparent affiliate in the iGaming world.

I also brought to light, how my journey in the casino industry started and how I changed through becoming a founder of an affiliate company.

How would you describe Casino By Her to someone who does not know what you are doing?

Casino By Her is an informative concept on social media where iGaming employees have the chance to enhance an audience and receive an acknowledgment. It was also created to bring awareness of different topics in our industry, which is high of interest for the non-iGamer’s, who would like to understand our industry a bit better.

After many years in an industry which I truly wanted to change, Casino By Her became my heart-project.

We’re living in a world where the desire and innovative ways of exchanging knowledge are key. My ambitions with my YouTube channel and Casinobyher.com are to highlight extremely talented iGaming profiles and to become a transparent Affiliate with the ‘’real’’ iGaming world in focus.

Casino By Her will invite and unify iGaming employees and also invite anyone who doesn’t understand our industry to its fullest.

How did you end up in the casino industry?

After I turned down a great offer of starting up my own restaurant in Geilo, Norway, I was feeling lost and uninspired. As a hard-working nineteen years old who believed she had been given the opportunity of her life and then closed that door, I came to Malta for a well-needed vacation and reflection.

My previous partner did not have the desire to return to Sweden and Malta was on the rise as an iGaming hub in Europe. So, after two weeks of exploring the island as a tourist with no intentions to stay, I decided to say ‘’ yes’’ to new adventures with a Career which was offered to me by Evolution Gaming.

Fun fact: My partner applied for the job behind my back, so I didn’t even know what I was up for when I went to the interview…but here I am today! From Game Presenter to CCO of an Affiliate Network in the making.

What made you want to start Casino By Her? 

I am the founder of Casino By Her and the operational CCO & Co-founder of Net Value Media Ltd.

Fredrik Djavidi, the founder of Net Value Media Ltd, founded the company and project about 3 years ago. Slowly, slowly with over 100 domains with focus on Live Casino in various markets.

Since I joined NVM, I felt we needed to build on to our network with a different channel – not only focusing on pure organic SEO affiliation.

So, we discussed different ideas and I was very eager to do it my way, in order to have a very personal approach.

Even though the industry needs certain pure business-oriented interviews and content, we all have the same insights more or less. There is nothing new to the table and most of the people I talk to get tired of answering the same questions about topics most people at a certain level in a company- have the same knowledge about.

Casino By Her focus on lifting the individuals, not pure achievements. Sharing life stories and get to know the individuals in a different way.

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