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Erik Bergman 1 million euro campaign

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November 4, 2020

To do good and try to avoid the global warming crisis, Erik Bergman founded Great.com in 2018. Erik decided to create a revenue-generating network that would help carry out this project leveraging his experience in iGaming.

Great.com’s corporate plan is to create the most trustworthy iGaming review website in the world, which would raise income from affiliate collaborations, 100% of which would be donated to vetted charities working to combat climate change.

About Great.com

Great.com is an Erik Bergman-founded organisation whose mission is to do good to avoid the global climate crisis. 

  • Today, the organisation consists of about 10 individuals who produce exclusive affiliate goods for the iGaming sector, which are then distributed to separate charitable foundations to raise full profits. 
  • Great.com works with a long-term vision of at least 50 years, which would establish conditions for workers and other contributing stakeholders to build viable corporate strategies and operating processes.
  • To educate and motivate more businesses to try to do good, Great.com also produces social media material such as Instagram and YouTube. The number of followers has passed a few hundred thousand already.
  • Great.com has already contributed more than $325,0000 to social organisations since its launch in 2018.

Transforming the structure of organisations

Great.com’s company model is not only new, but both its corporate structure and management are revolutionary. With working conditions and work culture discussed publicly, transparency is one of its key values. Great.com, for example, tracks and posts weekly meetings along with the wages of staff on its website. Great.com ‘s ambition is not only to stop the global crisis but to test conventional work-related expectations. Erik has set out to create a more transparent, equitable, and sustainable organisation that he believes will set the blueprint to follow for other businesses.

  • Another contribution is also being made to Founders Pledge, a group of more than 1,400 developers who are uniquely devoted to donating. 
  • Each Founders Pledge participant must make a legally binding “pledge” to donate to char a selected portion of their current or potential wealth. 
  • Erik Bergman is now joining Catena Media as a shareholder, allocating 20% of his remaining shareholding in Catena Media, equivalent to around $1 + million. 
  • There is also a direct contribution of $100,000 to help finance core operating expenses.

Streamlining charitable activities

Founders Pledge is a special group of founders who aspire to do the most good in the world for a common goal. The group has a research team focused on charitable due diligence, data gathering and the discovery of philanthropically underserved neglected cause areas around the globe. To select organisations that give the greatest return per donation dollar, they aim to use data and research. What also makes Founders Pledge special is that the centre is at the top of study on which organisations will best deter the dissemination of pandemics such as COVID-19.

More about Founders Pledge

Founders Pledge is an entrepreneurial group that has so far collected more than 1,400 participants since its founding in 2015, who together have pledged $2.4 billion to charity. The special research team of Founders Pledge conducts research and delivers personalised guidance so that its members can make better donation choices and contribute to the charities with the greatest impact.

From the outset, Founders Pledge has been linked to the community of tech and start-up businesses. They have created a commodity and culture that entrepreneurs aspire to be part of, with the desire to create a better environment and a society that enriches them. In London, San Francisco, New York and Berlin, the team working with the company is headquartered.

Erik Bergman, founder of Great.com also said that he wanted to develop an organisation when he created Great.com that would make as much difference to the world as possible, both from a climate and corporate viewpoint. It was also crucial for him to identify opportunities that had an exponential effect. One such organisation is the Founders Pledge, as they have built up unique knowledge on how to have the biggest impact of charity.

David Goldberg, founder, Founders Pledge has also added that they would like to invite Erik Bergman and Great.com to join them. He also mentioned that they bring together founders with cutting-edge skills who are all inspired by the community’s attempt to do good. Sharing with respondents is very positive and Great.com will take advantage of the special skills that are needed to make more well-founded contributions.

I want entrepreneurs and enterprises around the world to start being motivated by fulfilling a higher cause. I want to inspire people to do the same by joining Founders Pledge. If you do the right research and manage it into the right organisations, you will make a difference, “concludes Erik Bergman. Erik Bergman.”

What makes the Fund for Climate Change special?

They are laser-focused at Founders Promise on making the most positive effect. This approach can be condensed into what they term as the ‘ABC of high-impact climate philanthropy’ when it comes to their Climate Change Fund. They are, in other words, based on

(1) financing audacious advocacy.

(2) Blindspots and bottlenecks tackling.

(3) Coordination by way of co-funding.

Audacious advocacy

They support groups that are thought-leaders and proponents that shape both the broader climate discourse and the spending of government and private climate budgets. An emphasis on activism will help the contributions go far further than financing programmes aimed at directly lowering pollution. Climate control, after all, needs a large-scale societal solution. Governments and companies’ carbon budgets needed to meet climate goals are nearly 1,000 times higher than the entire actual climate philanthropy.

They’re not only endorsing activism but also supporting bold advocacy. This suggests that they are trying to support advocacy based on bold ideas and strategies that can make a significant impact. This will frequently, if not always, advocate strategies that have an outsized effect. This will be done by not only lowering pollution in a jurisdiction but by driving cost savings and improving the efficiency of low-carbon technology, enabling a significantly greater global impact than what has been done locally. This is what some climate advocates have done with solar, hybrid energy, and wind power. Now, with all the other climate strategies needed, which is the second component of their ABC, the need is to make things happen: bottlenecks and blind spots.

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Bottlenecks and blindspots

They support groups working on ignored but desperately needed elements of the puzzle of the environment. Some of these, such as the decarbonisation of shipping and fossil power plants, as well as carbon reduction and advanced nuclear power, are mentioned in Erik’s post.

Based on their ability and/or need, both of these ideas attract far less recognition and funding than they warrant. Therefore, by relying on these strategies, they have a much better probability of making an effect. This makes their work extremely impactful — as early work appears to be— To stabilize global temperatures, the climate crisis allows them to achieve net-zero emissions, and working on neglected technologies and industries would help them achieve this aim.

Coordination by way of co-funding

Coming together and co-funding by the Climate Change Fund Founders Pledge offers yet another multiplier of effects in the fight against climate change. It not only provides greater certainty to charities, but it also produces greater total numbers, which encourages them to adapt to time-sensitive fundraising opportunities that may be overlooked with a smaller, single donation.

The contribution from people will have an outsized impact and help to combat global change head-on, as the ABC of high-impact climate philanthropy reveals. They as a team are very eager to see what their fund will do in the coming months and years, with $1 million already raised!

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