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European Casino Companies Targeting the Indian Market

Disa Stigh

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September 1, 2020

Europe, home to the largest gambling companies in the world, has grown into an increasingly saturated market. This has left many companies now eying the industry in India. With an expansion in the global market, many of the European gambling powerhouses are looking to have a piece of the ground floor of India’s market, which is relatively new and underdeveloped but is also growing promisingly.

With the international market in India following an exponential growth curve, investment from foreign sources is being directed into the industry at present. This, paired with the increasing internet usage by the Indian users, is expected to push the value of the market to over a billion US dollars by the end of the year. In the past few years, there has been a general trend for operators that were once local to a specific country to shift towards a more international business model. The answer to expansion for European businesses has often been on their doorstep, which is remaining within the continent. Through their effort to expand and establish themselves as world leaders in the area of online gaming, larger players offer services much further afield.

What drives the operators to eye India?

With this in mind, there has been one specific market that many operators have been focusing more heavily than others: India. As this country’s gambling industry is in its infancy, this lack of growth has proved to be a valuable opportunity for those operators willing to devote time and money to expand in this region. Eventually, growth potential boils down to growing Internet access in the world’s second-most-populated country. The vast number of people connecting to the Internet provides an immense pool of future operator customers.

The legality of gambling in India

Despite the large investments of international gambling service providers, the legality of betting in the country remains an ambiguous point. The practise is illegal in most of the country but there are currently no laws that prohibit online gambling. This apparent loophole is what is often exploited by European companies that are seeking to develop their business interests in the region. This workaround of the laws in the country is what has allowed the citizens of India to place bets on the most popular sport in the country, cricket. Gambling websites often don’t directly allow consumers to wager money. Instead, they will connect the Indian punters to the services of international bookmakers, where they can then bet on contests such as the Indian Premier League.

The question marks surrounding the legality of the country’s gambling have not slowed investment by foreign, European businesses. The growth in the country’s internet infrastructure facilitates the development of offshore gambling. As European businesses try to capitalize on the growth of increased internet access, the gambling options in India are also continuing to expand.

How are European casinos transforming themselves to fit into the Indian market

  • Those providers who are taking a turn towards the Indian casino industry have begun to develop games that are specifically suited to the Indian market. For example, there are games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti that are now available on several European gambling sites. 
  • There are also live casino games that feature dealers who speak Hindi. They are called Bollywood Roulette and Bollywood Blackjack.
  • It is also becoming increasingly common for European operators to accept payments in the form of Rupees, the national currency of India. This is not the only method that such companies are employing to open the door to more Indian gamblers. 
  • Operators who are looking to expand into this developing market are also increasingly allowing players to view their websites in Hindi.

Why are Indian gamers selecting European casinos?

  • There is a world of betting alternatives on the market for Indian gamers to discover. The services provided by native casinos and bookmakers is nowhere near that of international providers. And now Indians wish to discover that service. Casinos in India are normally small companies, providing few video games, small bonuses and little else for gamers to make use of. Nonetheless, the European providers give away far more and now that Indian gamers have realised this, they need a piece of the cake. It is normal for European casinos to supply a wide array of video games paired with larger bonuses and jackpots to their gamers throughout the different sections of their website. This sort of service is what entices the gamers.
  • From a participant’s perspective, discovering a terrific welcome bonus if you enrol with an online casino ought to be in the direction of the highest of your precedence checklist. With European casinos providing the largest and greatest bonuses on-line, naturally, gamers are going to go along with them. This is without a doubt one of the most important reasons why Indian players are visiting the European casinos.

Estimates and future predictions

Current estimates suggest that by the turn of 2021, more than 55% of the country’s inhabitants will be connected to the internet. This growth potential is a huge driving factor for why so many European businesses are looking to diversify their portfolio into Indian markets. This growth is not expected to slow down any time soon either. Experts in the industry have suggested that the casino market could expand by a huge 41% each year. In fact, by the end of 2020, the value of the gambling market in India is expected to exceed 1.1 billion US dollars.

Future predictions

It will be interesting to see what occurs further with the Indian market. One thing is for sure that more Indian players are going to choose the European casino sites providing better services. Gambling of all forms is very popular in India, from sports betting to casino gaming, and many are looking for somewhere to play games or place bets. This could and would lead them to go for better and newer options with more variety and top of the class services. The future is uncertain, but would best be described as bright, with the potential to be even better if Indian players prove their value and show they are something worth winning over.

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