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Evolution Gaming Launches first and fastest Live Roulette game – Instant Roulette

Disa Stigh

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August 11, 2020

We live in an increasingly time-pressured society where we often don’t have the luxury of spending too much time on even our most favourite hobbies. Live gaming juggernaut Evolution Gaming, a leading provider of Live Casino solutions, is keenly aware of this, which is why they created and launched its exclusive multi-wheel Instant Roulette game. 

Instant Roulette Live was presented at ICE 2020 by Evolution Gaming, alongside 11 other products scheduled for release this year. This is a summer release and it went live paired with Power Blackjack. Instant Roulette is another exciting and interesting addition to Evolution’s extensive range of online Live Roulette variants, which includes the award-winning titles Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette. It is marketed as the world’s fastest live roulette game because its rounds are incredibly fast and all the usual waiting times are reduced to a minimum, eliminated even in certain situations.

Key features of the game

Software: Evolution Studio 

Location: Latvia 

Video Quality: HD 

Multiple Cameras: Yes 

Mobile/Tablet: Yes 

Wheel Type: European 

Number of Wheels: 12 

Return to Player (Optimal): 97.30% 

About the game

The game is played on a set of 12 separate Automatic Roulette wheels which are presented in a well-decorated room that gives out an impression of privacy and elegance. The 12 individual, synchronised Auto Roulette wheels spin sequentially, with the balls dropping one after the other in the different wheels. Each wheel is numbered and they are all spinning without pause if we do not count the moment of a ball landing into a socket at the road’s end. As a consequence, players can play at a pace to suit themselves, because the key difference in Instant Roulette, aside from the number of wheels in front of the player, is that the player has unlimited betting time before deciding to hit the ‘Play Now’ button. When the player does bet, however, they will get a near-instant result as the wheel closest to the next drop of the ball is automatically selected as the wheel on which that bet is placed.

What is the idea of such a game? 

Multi-wheel Roulette has been done before, but this time the idea is to take the player to the wheel that is closest to the ball dropping to reduce waiting time and getting the results as quickly as possible. According to Evolution, Instant Roulette follows the standard Roulette rules but has been designed specifically to put the player in control and allow them to play at their own pace in a live environment.

Words from the CEO 

Todd Haushalter, Chief Product Officer at Evolution, explained: “With Instant Roulette we wanted to allow the player to control the pace of the game, similar to the RNG experience but with the trustworthiness of life. Each player can take as much time as they like setting up their bets. Then, when they are ready, they push the ‘Play Now’ button and boom, they are right there playing on the next available wheel!”

How to play Evolution Gaming Live Instant Roulette Online

All those Roulette wheels spinning may look confusing to you but they are not. You will be playing a standard European Roulette game with a single zero and all the well-known rules. When you enter the lobby, you will be expected to make a bet and then hit the Play Now button. The game will take you to the wheel that is the closest to end the round with a ball landing in one of the pockets. However, the time for placing bets is unlimited and you will have the liberty to play at your own pace. 

The round officially starts when you hit the Play Now button. As soon as the results are presented, you can hit Repeat and achieve the greatest speed by moving on to the next round right away. If you come to see one of the wheels as your lucky “wheel”, you may want to wait for it to be displayed as the next wheel in focus and then place your bets strategically. Instant Roulette Live spends 15 to 18 seconds per game. The game delivers a long-term optimal return rate of 97.30% and comes with a standard betting layout and racetrack.

Key benefits to players playing this game

The world’s fastest live casino Roulette game

Unlimited betting time, players can join when they wish

The wheel closest to the next ball drop counts for next round

Favourable return to the player percentage at 97.30%

Immaculate camerawork and high-definition video feed

Features, audio and video

The wheels are placed in a tastefully and elegantly decorated room. The video and audio feeds are crisp. The game is responsive and there is no perceptible lag of any kind. The user interface is clean, luxurious, and intuitive. Instant Roulette utilizes an innovative system of twelve continuously spinning automated wheels. Upon entry, players are instantly moved towards the wheel that will produce a result fastest. Right after learning if they won or not, they are moved to the next wheel and are allowed to make another bet. The result of this is an incredibly fast-paced experience that simply couldn’t be reproduced at a land-based casino. The game moves so quickly that you can easily cram two or three hours’ worth of Roulette gaming into about 20-30 minutes. 

Summing up

If you are a Roulette-loving businessman who simply does not have the time to enjoy any of the standard variants of the game, Evolution Gaming’s offering might be exactly what you are looking for. When you connect to a table, you will be greeted by the same layout and payout odds as you would in a land-based casino. Instant Roulette Live is a result of Evolution’s attempts to meet the players’ need for near-instant results. You will get more time for new bets and increased dynamics overall. Still, this game aims to attract a specific audience and will likely succeed. 

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