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How to become a live dealer? (Part-2)

Disa Stigh

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February 23, 2020

As part of our ongoing Serie where I will be answering your most frequently asked questions, I wanted to start with a few questions regarding the profession as a Live Dealer. When I came to Malta in 2014, I had no clue how big Igaming really was. Neither did I know how much I would enjoy being part of the first interaction with Online casino users in a live environment.

It is your obligation and key role to be the face outwards as well as the voice to represent a high-quality product. Keep reading if you are interested in what is the most challenging part about being a Live Dealer, what you should do – and not do.

What is most challenging being a Live Dealer?
So, what’s most challenging being a Live Casino Dealer online, is probably those days when people are very rude to you. It doesn’t really matter what you do- or what you don’t do, people will be rude to you anyways. And I kind of I understand that sometimes. Because this is not always just fun for some people. People are losing a lot of money. People are suffering from Gambling addiction and you have to understand that you are the first target. You know, you are the first interaction for them. So, that can be very hard sometimes. Especially If you see in the ‘’chat box ‘’ that someone says : Hey listen, I’ve lost all my money from my previous salary, or I can barely pay my rent this month, or all this problematic situations that can be created with gambling issues.

What I usually did back then, instead of just walking away from it, I usually walked into the control room, which is called more or less, and I would ‘’ Red flag ‘’ these people. This is what you can do, you have these bars and sections when you work as a Live Croupier that you can choose from. So, I’ve always tried to make sure the casinos were aware of these players. Because it’s not fun when it goes out over your whole life. So, I didn’t want to be a part of that. I really wanted to be helpful in the best possible way. I think that was the hardest part.

Other than that, the light… god, don’t even start about the light – It’s horrible. If anyone of you have been working in a studio before, with constant cameras and lightening and flashes and stuff like that, it’s quitehard on you for all those hours. I usually had like a 12-hour shift. So, it was quite some time a spent in that studio, or little shoebox which I used to call it back then. That was also pretty difficult.

I don’t know, otherwise I really liked my job as being a Live Dealer. I had a great time, sincerely.

Do we get paid if people win or lose?
That is not how it works. I mean when you work as a Live Dealer, you absolutely do not have a commission plan setup like that. You go to your job; you are there to be entertaining. Your performance: You have different bonus stages and you have to follow some guidelines. You have to be presentable visibly, of course. For ladies, you need to have pretty much makeup on – you need to look kind of ‘’ flawless’’, or how flawless you can look like. I tried to do my best anyways. Sometimes it can be ‘’ Oh, you have the wrong colour of your lipstick and stuff like that. Which can be kind of weird, especially if you’re like me, whom is not really into makeup and you know, having fixed hair.

More than that you need to be very careful with your spin technique if you work on the Roulette, which I did. Spin techniques or techniques at Blackjack. It is quite hard to learn, and you really need to be good at it and taking your time, so you do not make mistakes.

What happens when we make mistakes, is that the whole game slows down. People like you and me when we are playing online want it to go fast.  As much unproblematic as possible.

Maybe you are wondering why we aren’t allowed to speak about certain topics, and I mean, some topics can be pretty upsetting.

Politics,economics and stuff like that and religion. So, we are trying not to speak about that. It’s a about to find that constant. consistent flow of what actually attracts players and what you really find is interesting for that day.

So I usually had a task every day when I went to work, to be a more fun and entertaining person onset. It was to find a topic that was relevant but yet non-political. So, it could be anything from the latest football game or you know, world cup is coming, or yeah, anything really. Music and stuff like that. And it is also very important when you work with so many types of different people that are playing – some loose, some wins, that you find a topic that is neutral and entertaining.

So, first of, what does it really look like? (In the Live Casino studio).
There are a lot of different rooms, basically just like different ‘’boxes’’. You have the Roulette wheels, the Blackjack tables, you have a 360 view of camera setups, that constantly is filming/ recording you while you are working. And when I came to Malta in 2014, 2015 I think, I was terrified. Not because that I had to learn something new, or that I was introduced to Igaming or various different casino games, but more of that I had no idea of how to cope with being in front of cameras at all times. And as mentioned, it is quite challenging.

The light is very strong, and you always have to think of where to look, where to stand, what to say.

Did you become close with any players online?
I absolutely had some favourites as well, because, people ask me this all the time. Did you have a stalker, did you become ‘’ friends’’ with anyone, and yes, I did. I did become ‘’ virtual friends’’ with some of them. Because you spend like 12 hours a day at work in front of cameras chatting. Or I did not chat, I would look at the screens and they would chat with me, and I would talk back. After all those hours spent on cameras you will need to find fun topics, be entertaining and you need to have fun which is really important.

I really, really hope that anyone that ever do work as a Live Dealer / Live Croupier will find it fun. Otherwise it is not going to work. It’s not going to be fun for you either.

Imagine logging in to your favourite casino and there sits someone who looks bored to …. (hell), I mean you are not going to have a good time! You are going to log out, choose another table until you find that table where you will have a fun experience. Friendly, where the person is just being himself or herself. So therefor it was so key to find that balance between being very social at all the times and yet being: Me.

If you want to know more about what it’s like to be a Live Dealer or other fruitful information, pay this article a visit ! https://casinocaptain.com/in/blog/how-to-become-a-live-dealer

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