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iGaming – Classes and education

Disa Stigh

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January 21, 2021

iGaming is a fascinating and youthful industry, and only for those looking for an exciting lifestyle. It is fast-paced, creative and chaotic. But people who are willing to dive into an international and constantly evolving job culture, the world of online gambling could be an exceptional platform to learn transferable and critical skills in everything from UX design to SEO to HR– all while working abroad as a career-driven expat.

What really is iGaming?

Games of chance and games of skill make up the broader form of online gaming.  While the term is generally associated with online casinos and online poker rooms, “iGaming” includes all kinds of sports betting, from cryptocurrency, sports betting, binary trading to fantasy sports. The sector is made up of several different sorts of businesses ranging from game designers, affiliates to providers of different platforms.

Now let us take a look at the various advantages of having a career in the iGaming industry.

iGaming is a prosperous industry

The international online market for gambling was estimated to be worth about $59.8 billion by the end of last year. The unforeseeable possibilities of new sectors, such as esports, may even put the figure more than earlier.

There are many relocation options

A career path in the business of iGaming will give you the opportunity to stay in different places. Several of the larger businesses have offices based in countries like  Spain, Sweden, Estonia, UK, Malta and largely in Asia.  The likelihood of being asked to move around the globe is reasonably high, making it a perfect industry for any globetrotter.

Career options are extensive

Ambitious people desire to go into the iGaming sector for its potential for fast career advancement. Commitment and talent are always acknowledged. Some of the main qualities that get rewarded in this industry is being diligent and thinking smartly. People who are prepared to put in the hard work and toil hard for stepping up to find themselves at the top of the iGaming corporate ladder. 

Offices impress everyone

iGaming workplaces are on par with Silicon Valley’s innovation, modernity and ergonomics. Salaries are great, there are career development prospects and the work atmosphere is friendly. 

The lifestyle is important

Gaming culture will bring a healthy lifestyle, with perks and incentives. Companies seek motivated people who have a powerful desire to excel. They have coaching and mentoring courses for their staff to continuously improve their workforce.

Working environments are particularly flexible

The agile nature of the system helps some workers to feel less distracted. Employer’s administration is usually open to talking about the part-time layout and extremely tailored agreements.

You will end up being an expert

Having a thorough understanding of marketing, advertising, customer retention, affiliate marketing, product design, HR or SEO management will make you a valuable asset to any business seeking to hire talent with fresh experiences.

Introduction to the iGaming Academy

This academy provides interactive courses on training, masterclasses,  and courses in eLearning for professionals and companies in gambling and online gaming. 

Their training will add leadership expertise, great skills, and compliance awareness to learners at any level.

Their Training Solutions

The iGaming Academy offers a wide range of training courses related to gambling and the online gaming industry. These courses can vary from skills training to compliance. Online courses are available via e-Learning, through their LMS portal, like events or masterclass in classrooms. They have a library of around 40+ courses which are valued by major online casino and gaming firms and specialists worldwide.

  • Regulatory Enforcement Training

Their teaching is acknowledged by regulators around the world, including the Malta Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and others.   All of the course material is constantly revised according to new standards and regulations.

  • Global Training for Companies and professionals

iGaming academy has headquarters in Malta and its offices are based out of London. It provides masterclasses and training courses all across Europe and even further than that. Their LMS and eLearning platform provides training to teams, individual learners and global businesses.

  • Gaming Training

They are located all around the globe. Learners access their eLearning courses from over 46 nations.

Their Courses on eLearning

Introduction to iGaming – Anytime online access

You can gain a practical and comprehensive overview of the iGaming sector and market with this respective course.

Anti-fraud and fees handling

Detect fraudulent and illegal use of your company by educating workers at various stages in the consumer experience.


Support the industry to develop its online protection by learning how to safeguard data.

Casino management

Get a detailed introduction to the online casino industry and its complexities, including case studies, a validated strategy for success and an overall summary of the niche.

Interaction with consumer  

Centred on the UK Gambling Commission’s methodology, this course will help you learn how to deal with consumers facing gambling-related problems.

Customer experience monitoring

You will learn how to create a CRM program focused on observations and consumer psychology. This course is ideal for online casino operators.

USA sportsbook

Start a promising sport betting career with this targeted online course.

UK codes and practices in ads

Read regarding the rules and legislation regulating ads and publicity materials.


The measures that you need to take to deter and stop bribery in line with the UK Bribery Act.

Awareness of Cyber Security

The course covers Cyber Security issues as well as helping people learn about how they can counter cyber threats.

Why should you choose eLearning?

  • Certified

All the completions of eLearning courses are certified and several courses are approved by major compliance agencies as well as CBD.

  • You can access it online

These courses can be viewed online from any internet browser and can be completed at your own speed.

  • The content is of high quality

The courses are designed, developed and modified by qualified practitioners. It’s got case studies, immersive brain training modules and tests.

Introducing iGaming – eLearning course 

You can get and understand a general overlay of the iGaming market with this course. It is ideal for beginners or others who want to get to grips with the industry.

What can you learn through this course?

  • Get a detailed and realistic picture of the iGaming industry.
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the iGaming industry.
  • This course offers a full summary of the industry along with its key characteristics, problems and developments.
  • The iGaming industry is outperforming the larger digital media sector and the jobs are on the rise. You can increase your odds of winning the first gaming or career-boosting spot by pursuing this course.

This course also includes:

  • The iGaming history 
  • Myths and stereotypes related to iGaming
  • Games of Skill vs Games of Chance.
  • Job sectors in the industry.
  • Products related to the iGaming sector 
  • Fraud Detection – An introduction  
  • Bonuses.
  • Overview of Poker
  • Overview of Bingo
  • Responsible Gaming – An introduction

Course specifics

This Introduction to iGaming course is offered in eLearning format, available globally. These eLearning courses could be bought separately, or added to the company’s own LMS.


Upon passing the exam, you will have the option to access your certificate by downloading it in PDF format.

CPD-approved courses are used in iGaming Academy’s training and activities. CPD is the short form for Continuing Professional Development and is used to describe the learning experiences practitioners participate in to improve and strengthen their skills. It encourages the learning towards becoming aware and constructive.

Accredited CPD preparation means the learning experience has followed the relevant CPD requirements and metrics. The learning benefit has been calculated to ensure consistency.


Since there is a huge rise in demand for online casinos, the future definitely looks promising for them. Social networking is now used to contact players and is becoming more relevant. The figures indicate consistent growth in all associated careers.

There are so many perks of working in the iGaming sector right now. And if you get the right course, you are sure to have a bright future in this industry.

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