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Interview with Casino By Her

Disa Stigh

Estimated Time 12 min

February 25, 2020

The casino industry is changing, expectations from players are getting higher and the live casino trend is growing exponentially. It is no longer only the people who play at physical casinos who expect human interaction and a personal contact. These demands of a personalized experience have also made their way into the digital gaming rooms.

If we lift our gaze, we can see the same development in society as a whole. Media hub platforms, social media, YouTube and various influencers are clear evidence that consumers want their everyday experiences to be as realistic as possible.

“It doesn’t matter what type of meeting we are talking about – you always expect transparency and authenticity, whether it’s with a friend, a family member, a colleague or someone in the local grocery store. If a casino hasn’t shown you that transparency, they have failed and lost valuable trust”, according to Disa Stigh, Chief commercial Officer (CCO) at Net Value Media.

Live Casino, a broadcast game where you play live alongside other players and a dealer has been successful in recent years and the popularity of the game form does not seem to decline.

It’s probably no wonder that the phenomenon of live casinos has become so popular. Players ger the hospitality, the personal touch and the true-to-life experience by watching when a dealer is actually presenting the cards or gets a ball rolling. An authentic gaming experience as if you were at a casino but in fact you participate through a link and can be located wherever you want – whenever you want.

Disa Stigh has a vision to reduce anonymity in the casino industry and wants to make a reality of the ambition to make the industry more transparent with the aid of, for example, video material.

“I want to share a new innovative insight into the casino industry and give all live casino enthusiasts a transparent “behind the scenes”. Today, it’s no longer just about which casino has the most unique bonuses, the most effective platforms or the best payment methods. We have undermined the industry on those points. There are many sites that are good at compiling facts and explaining why you should be at specific casinos, but I generally think that they are lacking in specific niches and in transparency. I believe that the industry has lost the human factor and I want to change that.”

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