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Meet Alice and Lena

Disa Stigh

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February 9, 2021

Let me present Lena Oceretova and Alice Suraeva – Two women who both started their journey at early age.

From Law school and with background in Media / Communications, they have been able to use their knowledge and tools to contribute to the iGaming industry for various great Casino companies.

They initially met at Mr. Green and have since then, pushed each other forward to become successful and stronger as women in iGaming.

Besides that, the two ladies Alice and Lena have a great passion for iGaming, they have also studied relevant educational programs which has been a great asset for their current career. Alice is also taking the opportunity to highlight the significant importance of taking responsibility and not being afraid of working your way up. Every opportunity of work along her career, has been taking her towards where she is today.

‘’ .. I was working in a Law firm. All these different jobs give you an experience of becoming an independent young woman’’.
Says Alice about her career so far, as she started her career at age of sixteen.

Lena also left her family and friends during her young teenage years, to study in England. With a bachelor’s in legal and Compliance, she pretty soon came to understand that iGaming was an industry where she could use her mindset and skills – but yet, get to know a different vertical.

‘’ New regulations, KYC’s and updates started to rapidly change the industry. So, I thought to myself, maybe should I combine my degree and knowledge working with iGaming clients? Not long after I started to work for GiG’’.

After both ladies gained enough competence and experience in the iGaming industry on their own, they finally met again: Ready to take Play attack to new heights together.

Play Attack is an Affiliate program consisting of 5 online Casinos with European focus. Alice is representing the Operators as their Affiliate Manager, and Lena is the Head of Affiliates in the Company.

Different departments, companies and structural management have been key to develop both Alice and Lena. During the interview they both mention various fruitful and educational advices. Not only do we also discuss pro’s and con’s, but how they can affect our wellbeing and career.

‘’ There are many Managers and people within the hierarchy-pyramids, so you don’t always know where you are within this structure. My favourite part is when they do this Bamboo threes, of CEO’S, country managers, board members…I am not really a big fan of that’’

Bamboo, the HR Software Alice is referring to, has the classical triangle structure of the company’s employees, with authority and decision-makers in the top.

It certainly is a common mindset that both women have, that the employee’s growth and happiness – is relying heavily on a shared roadmap and involvement. When there is a lack of communication and a strong hierarchal structure, people get less motivated and lost in the big machine, company.

The iGaming industry allows individuals from various backgrounds, to use their competitive competence and add innovative solutions for any tasks ahead.

I genuinely appreciate interviews and conversations with fellow industry men and women, who are passionate and fighting for equal rights.

If you are curious about iGaming, various insightful topics and need inspiration: Watch the full video interview here (Click).

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