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Meet Alice Nordin

Disa Stigh

Estimated Time 12 min

June 18, 2021

Alice Nordin has certainly made herself a name rapidly in the iGaming industry. She is not only working passionately with projects internally for Betsson Group, but she is also inviting us externally via Live events (and more to come) to scale up the exposure of employees in our industry.

Meet Alice in this episode and watch/ listen to her talking about the importance of creativity, branding and why we should never be afraid of trying out new territories.

Alice Nordin explains to us early on during the interview, that she studied Human Resource relations along with sociology at the University in Lund, Sweden.  Her passion for recruitment along with the curiosity of human relations, brought Alice overseas to Malta.

’’ I realized iGaming is a huge industry, especially for expats. So, it didn’t take too long before I signed a contract and went to Malta. With experience within recruitment, it was a natural move’’.


As branding and Employer branding is extremely important to stay attractive in a highly competitive industry, Alice were later on hired at Betsson Group as their new Employer branding specialist. So, what does really an Employer branding specialist do?

‘’Basically, I find ways to attract candidates and talents to Betsson Group. Employer branding always start internally. I take what is inside of Betsson and present it externally. Employee interviews, recruitment videos and Betsson Group Live and behind the scenes material’’.


Being able to be part from idea to execution and finished projects is a great way to develop yourself and build strong employees. Alice points out great examples of mistakes candidates do when they apply for an open position and how we can adjust and be more attractive in the process.

‘’If you want to get into iGaming, with no prior experience,

there is so many ways. Don’t be afraid to firstly apply, even though you don’t have all the experience listed. Barely no one does and these templates are mainly used to guide you, not pointing out everything you don’t have. Video content instead of a classic resume, is also a fun and creative way to show who you are straight away’’.

If you’re looking for your dream job, need great advice from someone who regularly scan the iGaming market of candidates: Check out the video and hopefully Alice will be a great source of help.

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