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Meet Chloe Borg

Disa Stigh

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February 9, 2021

In an industry where your network is key, it is also of highest importance to remember to USE your network and HELP your fellow industry colleagues.

Meet Chloe Borg, Senior Affiliate Manager at Traffic Lab! She’s sharp and very educative in the way she speaks to her surroundings.

She started her career as a Trainer in the Live Casino Academy at Evolution Gaming and now she’s as superstar for her partners in Affiliation.

Chloe Borg started her career at an early age, as a shuffler for Evolution Gaming. What is a shuffler? It is the person you will probably see in the background while playing Live Casino games, who is preparing the decks and cards when needed for Blackjack.

After she proven her skills to be excellent, she was introduced to a new role, as a trainer in the Live Casino educational program (Where I met Chloe for the first time!).

‘’ I thought I’d apply. I used to train martial arts for ten years and I have a black belt. I used to train classes so educate others was second nature!’’

Years passed and her career really took a swing when she decided to leave Evolution Gaming and enter the marketing department, as a Junior Affiliate Manager at GiG.

If you want to evolve and grasp the full industry, there might be a great advice to make sure you have knowledge from different departments and change your mindset.

Chloe has really taking many steps along her career within iGaming to comprehend what Operators, Gaming suppliers and Affiliates need in order to become successful together.

‘’ Something that all three could improve, is to be more localized’’she states as an example of improvement.

Miss. Borg is very keen on making sure the different operations within iGaming actually understand the importance of Game Presenters, or Live Casino Dealers. She is not late to mention that one of her many lessons learned is that you need to be proud of yourself and the company you are representing.

‘’ Never chase the money. Don’t change job just because of the money. Move forward and grow. Go for jobs you actually care about. Go for companies where you will be proud to have the tag on LinkedIn’’.

If you are curious about iGaming, various insightful topics and need inspiration: Watch the full video interview here (Click).

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