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Meet Eman Pulis

Disa Stigh

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February 4, 2021

Eman started his journey by hosting great events in Malta. When Malta became a hub for iGaming in Europe, he quickly realized which crowd he should target – and the rest is history.

He’s been able to create an empire in Malta and his networks is endless. Even though 2020 has been a tough year for many companies within the Expo and Event industry, there is a bright future with adaption ahead.  

Mr. Pulis is not only recognized by his name or long hair when he sweeps the floor at many of his conferences – but also as the Maltese leading star for anyone in the Events industry. Even though Eman frequently mentioned during the 12-minute-long interview, that he did not have any experience with Online Casino, he managed to become a significant important person within iGaming.

One phrase that he repeatedly uses during interviews is ‘’ I’m just an events guy’’. But there is certainly more to the following sentence.

The year of 2003 was special and brought to light during our conversation. This was the year when Eman started his career and hosted parties, events and concerts around Malta. It took him a few years to realize the importance of knowing the crowd, scale up and last but not least: How to increase the profit.

‘’ The only people that were spending some money at my parties, were the gaming crowd. So, I said to myself; Why the hell am I wasting so much time on doing events for everyone, when I should be spending my time on a crowd who really spend some few bucks with me’’.Mr. Pulis decided to follow the money and was eager to build a network. As for anyone taking the decision to change path and enter a new industry, it can certainly be a challenge to adapt.

‘’ I needed to learn what the industry was all about. I couldn’t tell the difference from an Affiliate and an Operator, or a supplier. I pitched the idea of SiGMA to the CEO of Betsson, the same way as I did to an Affiliate. I really got it all wrong in the beginning’’.

But with practice, adaption and a hunger to learn, Eman Pulis eventually got it all right and managed to build his EXPO empire globally.

When I asked Mr. Pulis if he could give the younger generation some advice, he rapidly replied ‘’ If I could pull it off, working in this industry while doing what I love the most, events… anyone can pull it off’’. Watch me and Eman Pulis have a small catch up and listen to when he gives you some selected words of advice and his journey. Click here

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