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Meet Fredrik Brännlund

Disa Stigh

Estimated Time 12 min

November 13, 2020

The collected awakening of the world, the Indian iGaming market, tantric Twitch sessions and how to become a successful SEO Affiliate in India. Fredrik got you covered.

Fredrik is the Cofounder of ENV Media and have been enlighten from working within iGaming. He praise to work remote and to explore your self love; while grinding his Indian Affiliate business.

This video represents us very well. A lovely and deep conversation between two fellow industry friends. Me sitting at the balcony relaxed and admiring his work. Him, on the other side of the world with his sun-bleached hair and love for progress and educative topics.

Fredrik Brännlund amongst many other expats from Sweden, escape the dull weather with indefinite hopes of becoming succesful abroad. Sometimes, like Fredik points out, it was a poor relationship and with a baggage full of anxiety, which made him take a step outside his comfort zone and country.

In 2010 he was madly in love with with the environment and dynamic politics within iGaming and started his journey with Betsson Group in Malta. Slot games, networking and being out on the field as a top salesman made Fredrik drawn deeper into the world of the iGaming world.
After a while he started fall back on the route where he no longer felt the fast-speeding life gave him enough dopamine and pure contempt in his life. So what did he do ? He moved back to Sweden were his new adventure was waiting around the corner, with Elk Studios ( Gaming provider ) as one of their first employees.

‘’I had a great leadership there. I had someone who really understood how to cope with me. Because, I had a lot of energy. But, at Betsson, I was kind of stuck at that framework of a big cooperation’’

Mr. Brännlund was able to use all of his knowledge and energy to build the empire of Elk Studios with their team and once again, he was back on track.

A few years later when he had courage, time and a broad Affiliation knowledge he decided to gather his great friends and built their own platform/ Affiliation network: ENV Media.

Moving to India and travelling around Asia, was key for ENV Media for many reasons. As India was on many operators roadmap and un-touched in the sense of innovative marketing strategies, it became their main focus to focus on.

‘’My conclusion is that SEO is not enough anymore. You have to know your market and product. You have to speak to your audience in their own language. It turns out, they actually read the content these days’’
Fredrik continues and giving his best pro’s and con’s of entering an unfamiliar market.

Working remotely surrounded with tranquility has been life changing for Fredrik Brännlund. He is suggesting that everyone should take their time off and that companies should focus on their employees happiness in order to scale up successfully.

If you are interested in the Indian iGaming market and need inspiration from someone who managed to crack the code in India, go ahead and watch the full video with time stamps in the description. Click here!

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