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Meet Jimena Gamboa Baragaño

Disa Stigh

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January 22, 2021

From Mexico – with love.

It was a Tinder success firstly. Shortly after she landed a job at Matching Visions, she started her life in Malta.

She’s been the mastermind behind great content throughout the network and she’s now taking well care of all the clients as MV’s Affiliate Manager.

Jimena has a very positive mindset which will brighten your day. She is also taking great pride in pushing her female colleagues. Matching Visions started with 2 women and now they have a full powerhouse of extremely talented women.

Moving around the globe to Ireland and working for an international company, kept her passionate and interested in different cultures and environments. 2017 she fell in love with her future husband and decided Malta, the little rock in the Mediterranean, was her next step of adventure.

As Europeans, we are definitely taking immigration for granted. It can be quite a difficult challenge to get your permits to re-locate if you’re not from a European country – Which is something, Jimena shares with the audience in this episode.

Taking her time, following each step on the way with caution, she managed to get a job at Matching Visions and started her career within iGaming.

Initially, her job was to take care of content for various partners within the network as her English skills and Spanish mother tongue, was a huge asset for the company. While working closely with the Affiliates and increasing her knowledge for the industry, she was able to get hands on the Affiliate and account management tasks as well.

‘’ The strongest, survives. Everyone who is in this industry, for the right reason and for the right cause, doing really good’’
she mentions when we discussed the differences between 2019 and 2020.

Jimena was the third woman to join forces with MV. Dennis Dyhr Hansen, founder of Matching Visions, have been able to recruit a powerhouse of both amazing men and women throughout the years.

‘’ We’ve been able to find women, who are really good at what they’re doing, and they all work amazingly. I hate the stigma around more girls: more drama. Girls are hardworking,

Organised and great. I absolutely love it’’. 

Jimena continues the conversation around women in iGaming

‘’I do feel that there is something that men don’t see. There is something that women have to go through, every day. If there’s an interview, they might ask you: So, are you planning to have kids? Or the boss might ask you. There will still be a significant difference. Therefore, I love to come to work when I know it’s on equal terms’’.

Jimena is passionate about equal rights and stand up for her opinions in a man’s dominated industry.

If you want to get to know Jimena and the team at Matching Visions, go ahead and watch the full video with time stamps in the description. (Click here)

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