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Meet Jonas Lutteman

Disa Stigh

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February 12, 2021

Today’s guest has been working with marketing and rock stars such as Ozzy Osbourne! But initially he’s promoting one thing: He will always look at the iGaming business from the players perspective.

Jonas Lutteman is Head of Casino Show at Casino Hacks, which is a website and concept to educate players with playful video content online.

As he always loved to gamble online and at land-based casinos across the world, he certainly has a broad knowledge to share with the rest of the world.

iGaming is entertainment and should always be truthful and fun, nothing else.

There is no doubt Jonas Lutteman is passionate above our industry and Casino games. He speaks highly of fellow industry colleagues and he is very keen on following future trends within iGaming and video production.

With and upbringing in Sweden, Jonas moved to London for ten years to work for various video productions, such as MTV. Fancy landbased casinos and extravagant invitations across the globe were an initial gateway for his interest in gambling.

‘’ Customer support agents, what do they deal with? What kind of questions are they asked? That was an extreme learning curve for me. Plenty of insights came from that. What do the players ask about?’’.

Mr. Lutteman talks about his first interaction with people who gamble and what it seems to look like from the Operators view. Having a broad understanding of iGaming on a macro and micro level is important in order to develop a better sphere for Casino player’s experience online.

‘’ The next big step, what we’re trying to do at Casino Hacks, is to create content that is relatable and useful for the user. If we also can relate the player to the brand: that will be hugely competitive’’.

‘’… You need to start thinking outside the box and take a piece of your marketing budget and invest in a Live stream format’’
Jonas Lutteman continues about what he believes to be missing in iGaming.

With heavy marketing across Europe, and not to be mentioned in Sweden, Jonas and I also share a vision of a more regulated and compliant Responsible gambling. With power and products online, which generate massive amount of revenues, it is our responsibility to guide the audience and be supportive.

Social media, Live streaming platforms and media buying online is well needed to advertise the iGaming industry.But it is also of our interest to listen to our audience and give them truthful information before they decide where to gamble and how it all works.

In this interview you will learn more about Casino Hacks, video production and what me and Jonas Lutteman believe is important for iGaming enthusiasts. Watch the full video here! (Click)

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