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Meet Mikael Jansson

Disa Stigh

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February 12, 2021

Everyone I speak to, have a unique story of how they ended up in iGaming and a swift relocation to Malta.

Mikael Jansson is no exception. Moving from Stockholm to Malta was a great step in his career. He is the former CMO of Hero Gaming and has been working with marketing and TV-commercials for a decade.

He’s passionate about marketing and certainly know that in order to move forward: You have to accept the uncertainty. ‘’ You need to be comfortable, being uncomfortable’’.

Mikael Jansson have been a great asset for Heroic Promotions and various Swedish media bureaus over the years, with expertise in digital marketing and Tv-production.

A series of consequences, rather than seeing your career as a journey, is something Mikael refers to. London, New York and Asia were on the roadmap for his next adventure – but he ended up in Malta by a swift decision.

‘’ I had no idea where Malta was located. I had to search for the Island on Google maps, as I believed Malta was located far east. Obviously, I had heard of Malta though’’.

Betsson group became his new family, representing the company as their Nordic Media Manager. But it wouldn’t take many years until new relations and a fast-growing network, Mikael decided to join forces with Hero Gaming and took over the role as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer).

‘’ We have CMO’s with a product background, CMO’s with a more branding and agency background. There are so many different backgrounds to take in consideration. So, get a specialty. Become really great at that. It doesn’t really matter how old you are, but of course, the merrier experience, the better’’
The interview continues and Mr. Jansson is trying to give a brief segment during the call, to explain the million-dollar question: How we can measure successful online marketing with various KPI’s in consideration.

Different tools, marketing strategies and brand building differ each iGaming company significantly. Hero Gaming is consisting of more than one online casino and they are operating in various markets around the globe. Knowing your market is key and hopefully that isn’t a secret if you want to succeed.

By the end of our pleasant call Mikael taking the opportunity to speak freely of individuals during his career that has been inspirational.

‘’ Listen to the people who have experience, add your inputs and continue growing’’

In this interview you will find information that can be helpful if you want to enter the world of marketing and media production. Mikael will share his best tips of what Marketing Managers look for when they hire employees to their team and how to build accurate strategies for brand building. Watch the full video here! (Click)

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