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Meet Pierre Lindh

Disa Stigh

Estimated Time 12 min

March 11, 2021

Me and Pierre Lindh, have several things in common. We both love to raise awareness of talented fellow colleagues in iGaming via our social media platforms and maybe more importantly: Consistently seeking improvement areas and questioning our industry.

Meet Pierre Lindh in my latest interview, who is the Co-founder of iGaming Idol and iGaming next. Both concepts were built to gather the elite in iGaming and to share valuable knowledge with the iGaming industry.

This interview is a bit longer than usual, as we wanted to cover some important questions and really point out what we want to change and salute with iGaming.


Pierre Lindh grew up in the era of Poker. With his fascination and continuous curiosity of gambling online, he came to Malta and joined forces with Betsson Group. He clearly praises the industry and for letting its employees grow as individuals and take lead of all the beautiful innovation.

Even though Pierre left his post as VIP Poker Manager for Betsson and now behold the prestigious title as Managing Director and Co-Founder of iGaming Next, he’s still facing setbacks and challenges.

‘’ If you’re talented and work hard enough, you can accomplish anything. When I worked as an VIP Poker Manager, you were constantly conflicted and confronted with direct struggles. For me, until this very day, I can relate to those conflicts and it was necessary for my own personal growth and development. If those questions weren’t asked, I would maybe not have asked myself the questions I am today in relation to iGaming and in general’’.  The interview continues and Pierre is very keen on changing the way companies structure their agenda and vision. The vision should be very clear and leading the way of the operation and end goal.

’ Our vision and mantra are to create a positive force for iGaming. What we mean by that is that we select topics and questions that can positively change our industry’’.

Pierre is also mentioning the importance of not only seek influence from our industry, but from elsewhere. By asking him what their structure is when it comes down to finding relevant speakers and topics, we also agreed on the age shift within iGaming – and how we need to attract all levels of industry men and women.

As we reach our final stage of the interview when plenty interesting subjects have been discussed back and forth, I wanted to know what fears Mr. Lindh had overcome over the years in the spotlight.

Not only did he work his way from VIP Manager to Directing Manager and founder of a big podcast and Casino event – but he was also forced to step on stage minutes before their very first iGaming Next show.

Why? Watch the video to find out! (Click!)

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