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Meet Viktoriya Abrahamsson

Disa Stigh

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February 10, 2021

During successful times or when we’re facing difficult periods; HR and the Office Management team is a great asset and help for our businesses. A bad day at work or personal issues are equally stressful.

So, let me introduce you to: Viktoriya Abrahamsson, HR and Office Management Specialist, who will give us some valuable advices.

What is the most important task for an Office Manager? How can we improve our employee’s happiness at work? Why is education so important for our employees?

Viktoriya and her family moved to Malta when she was young. A new country, new culture and exciting adventures were waiting around the corner.

Interacting with new people and being part of big events, have been something Mrs. Abrahamson always enjoyed. So, after her Tourism studies, she decided to approach a new adventure within the Events industry, England.

As with everyone I ever interview and speak to, no one really saw a future working with iGaming from the beginning. But shortly after finished educations or a transit to the iGaming hub Malta, most people end up working within iGaming.

The transition came naturally for Viktoriya as she had experience with Human Resources and relations. She started her career with Dunder, working as an Office Coordinator.

‘’ The job as an Office Manager, Office Coordinator and HR assistant is mainly to understand the employees and their needs. What can you do to make the working environment better for them? In order to have the best surrounding, so they don’t want to leave!’’

iGaming is an extremely competitive industry and with so many great companies who can offer the employees a great career and many benefits, the task to keep the employees – can be tough.

‘’ Having such a dynamic workplace, sometimes you are too busy to understand that the employees might need a bit of training. They might have experience, but every workplace is different. So, by offering training, you’re not only helping the employees but you’re also giving them the courage to grow’’

Viktoriya highlights throughout the interview, that having engaged employees is key for any business. It’s the small things that can make difference. Even though the people withing the organisations are very different, and departments can differ significantly, it is of greatest importance that the HR assistants and Office Coordinators can pick up the individuals and meet there demands.

Being trusted, feeling safe and having someone at your workplace that look after your needs and development – will always be a great reason why employees stay for many years.

‘’ Having different tools for the employees to express their feelings and needs, is important’’

In this interview Viktoriya points out the most important parts of the various roles within Human Resources and how you successfully engage your employees in a busy environment. Watch the full interview here! (Click)

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