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Reelzone – iGaming Community

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October 23, 2020

Reelzone is the concept of a social casino game-play platform, where any player can compete in real-time with other players, not risk any money while doing so, and share their scores. It is also a brand new intelligent marketing network, featuring a suite of services where casino game vendors can advertise their games to target and engage new demographics and consumers in a hybrid social casino setting.

Reelzone iGaming community
  • It is effectively a pop-up shop for providers planning to create a crucial distinction by exploiting the Social Casino Gaming space’s development and potential.
  • In the purest meaning of the word, Reelzone is a start-up but has already made some headlines early in development, having already signed deals with game publishers and taking home a strategic relationship with the veteran of iGaming, Combining Visions.
  • Reelzone has additionally developed a product that grants the consumers a social casino environment that genuinely compares to what they would be facing as they leap to real money play with a casino operator. 

Statement from Dennis Dyhr Hansen, Director of Matching Visions

The number of people engaging in interactive casino gaming is constantly growing and business development is driven by the free-to-play model. The overarching goal of Reelzone is to encourage game service providers to use the site as a way of increasing the overall engagement between their games and the fans, making their game portfolio recognizable to the individual player before they decide to transition to real money play.

Statement from Stefan Rafael, CMO, at Reelzone 

Rafael said that the network will allow providers to target over 800 million players in an untouched market and apply it as a distribution funnel for all sorts of players, Besides, Reelzone would allow game providers to have greater say in the way their games are marketed, both to improve awareness of customer behaviour and to breathe new life into games with unrealized potential.

Statement from CEO Sander de Vries Pontus Espe, CTO, and co-founder at Reelzone

The CTO and co-founder said that they want to bring the real online casino experience to the social market, that is currently dominated by players who have seen the industry in the same way for the past five years. Reelzone is committed to transforming the social gaming market by offering a safe, free and entertaining meeting place where people can enjoy high-quality games in a multi-player context from two markets.

Hence, Reelzone would provide a much-needed marketing forum for game developers. It will also use the forum’s massive array of data to provide them with feedback and enable them to better understand an individual player and make quicker and more knowledgeable decisions. To take advantage of the force that exists inside analytics and AI, many proposals have already been put in place.

What are the available features at Reelzone?

1. Slot tournaments at Reelzone

A slot tournament acts as a contest with the outcome of winning a reward versus other slot players. The fundamental concept for a slot tournament requires vying to get the highest possible ranking until time runs out. The player who has received the most points wins a bonus at the end of the competition.

2. How does a slot tournament work?

On Reelzone, the layout of a tournament requires having as many points as possible for a given number of spins. They hold many tournaments every day, lasting for a set time, giving players the ability to compete with other teams. Players with the most points earn real money, for free, after each tournament.

3. How to sign up and play in their tournaments:

  • To get access to all of their tournaments, you have to sign up with your email address. This is done in seconds, and you can play in as many live tournaments as you want, at any point in time, until you’re done.
  • You can enjoy the fun of playing slot tournaments at Reelzone to win real money.
  • Go to the tournament page and click on ‘join’ to enter the tournament. In no time, you can spin the reels.

4. Playing in the coin league

They have a monthly tournament league known as the Coin League. Each player will be given a fixed number of in-game coins to play for each month and players with the most coins will be part of a bonus pool at the end of the month.

You can also opt to use the coins as a player in any manner you want in the platform, such as playing slots, unlocking new features, joining VIP tournaments, and much more. 

5. The leaderboards for Reelzone

The leaderboard reveals the placement of the contestants and their respective points earned for each tourney hosted on Reelzone. The tournament leaderboards also show you in real-time where you rank next to your opponents.

When a tournament (or several) ends, the players with the best scores at the top of the leaderboard get to take home the grand prize!

After all this talk about prizes, if you are getting interested in playing some real money casino games then you can visit pure casino or 10Cric to have a great experience.

How does Reelzone benefit the average player?

Reelzone helps the average player to play and practice at games and tournaments which in turn help the player master the game before entering the real money play. Besides that, any average player will benefit from the following features of Reelzone.

  • Best casino social experience

Your social casino experience starts with Reelzone. You’re going to have fun. You can sign up with your email and get quick access to the coolest social casino site in the world, whereby playing games you can win real money and definitely for free.

  • A minimum of €3000 monthly pool prize

Reelzone promises a minimum of €3000 worth of prizes per month. All will compete and there is a fair opportunity for all players to win free cash prizes.

Comeon Casino is another such online casino which provides an array of popular casino games to the casino enthusiasts.

  • Play in their coin league

The monthly tournament league is the Coin League. Each player will be given a fixed number of in-game coins to compete with each month and players with the most coins will be part of a bonus pool at the end of the month. You may also opt to spend the coins in the app in any way you want, such as playing slots, unlocking new features, joining VIP tournaments and much more.

  • The free slot tournament runs every day

They will host at least one, sometimes many, Reelzone tournaments every day. Many of which have their rankings and prize pools, and are free to participate. You will be welcome to take part in as much as you choose.

  • You can play slots for free

Their game studio partners design games worldwide for casinos and none is more successful and in-demand than the slots of their partners. You get to play the very same games on Reelzone, just for free. There is no deposit needed. 


They are a social casino site and their attention is on bringing players the best free social gaming experience. You can have a great learning as well as an enjoyable experience with other players at Reelzone without a second thought!

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