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SiGMA rebrands

Disa Stigh

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January 19, 2021

SiGMA Group has proudly revealed the fresh look of its own rebranded website. Over years of value creation and profitable operations, SiGMA has established a successful brand name, enabling it to become a significant influencer globally, within the technology and gaming industries.

SiGMA’s new layout comprises a comprehensive consumer experience that represents a transition in the gaming sector more towards a global viewpoint and SiGMA’s expanding global portfolios.

Why did SiGMA decide to get its website rebranded?

SiGMA has consistently excelled in emerging global gaming technology. It has created a brand-name for itself and established itself with a strong foothold in tech innovation and gaming. Following this, the company agreed to rebrand the site to ensure that it aligns with the company’s brand image.

More information about SiGMA.world

  • SiGMA.world is an expert and has a distinctive approach in providing a global platform, in the form of a central web portal. This portal showcases all of SiGMA’s news and events to a broader audience. It is accessible in many leading languages, including Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Mandarin etc. They are also planning to add more languages to this lot like Japanese, Korean, and Hindi.
  • News distribution and content are crucial facets of SiGMA’s personality. As such SiGMA.world has created a trustworthy and stable forum for the sector to showcase priorities and shape its future at the core of the needs of the stakeholders.
  • SiGMA’s rebranding is already yielding results as rating platforms like Alexa display high traffic and engagement for the website. The site has scored high participation ratings, making SiGMA one of the biggest media and event websites in its respective category.
  • The corporation has an extensive media arm, SiGMA News, that features a coherent output of video and written material, articulating many facets of diversified opinions, spanning from interviews to investigatory news.

Comments from the different head of departments at SiGMA Group

  • Eman Pulis, the group’s founder, has mentioned that engaging multiple language translations along with a high level of output while delivering exceptional content has been a challenging task. He also said that the pandemic had taught everyone to work on adaptability, and it is essential to be able to react to changes. Hence, their gaming site has been revamped to better represent a more globally-minded gaming and tech industry.
  • Sophie Crouzet, the group’s COO, has mentioned that SiGMA has hired many new team members over the last year and opened up offices in Manila and Kiev, and these initiatives are bearing results. SiGMA was once limited locally, but now it has worked towards establishing its presence across various world regions. They have also ventured into North America by setting up an office in Chicago. With this, the SiGMA brand presently represents its reach in various continents, a fitting image for the World’s Gaming Festival.
  • Jessica Camilleri, Head of Creative Department, for SiGMA Group, said that they are given the responsibility of rebranding and refreshing their appearance every two years. But this has to be the best and the most exciting one. By choosing a particular colour to symbolise a region, they have come up with creative development.
  • They have consolidated all the different regions into this unique artwork while keeping in mind the progress, expansion and the increased number of people who will be now looking at SiGMA. Their map will continue to grow with every event they host. This will add more weightage to their ever-expanding portfolio. 
  • They have also improved their graphics capability as far as interactivity is concerned. It is a way to demonstrate themselves as a business which values colour and culture. After all, getting people together is what they love to do.
  • Katy Micallef, Head of Content for SiGMA has revealed that they are excited to finally introduce the newly revamped website to the public. Producing good content continues to be of the utmost importance to the media company, which is why they have spent a significant capital in the media section, adding a team of highly competent translators who appreciate the complexities of language and its meaning to the audience.

Introduction to SiGMA College

  • The platform is host to SiGMA’s new endeavour – SiGMA College, initiated by SiGMA Foundation, the charitable branch of the group.
  • This free-for-all college will be an approved, and certified venture that will provide all students access to e-classes and e-learning courses. 
  • A range of focus-on subjects will exploit the company’s extensive resources and knowledge base. They will develop a variety of courses exploring prospects in the blockchain, gaming and evolving technology sector.
  • Emily Micallef, the Events Director, has said that through this free online education platform and their forthcoming book for learners of iGaming, SiGMA strives to deliver more than a profitable business to the places it works in. They are also trying to keep up on their promise to improve the environment they work in.

Regarding SiGMA College

The iGaming sector is expanding at an unprecedented pace. Owing to the shift mentioned earlier in the industry, people who set foot in the market two decades ago may discover themselves missing in some knowledge areas today which is why SiGMA College offers a diploma in gaming. This online course is introductory and will be provided for free to a worldwide audience. It will target people trying to diversify their expertise or at individuals hoping to join the sector for the first time.

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