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Sigma TV Releases Exclusive TV Show

Disa Stigh

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December 17, 2020

SiGMA TV has recently released an exclusive TV show for people considering changing jobs or furthering their career. In the SiGMA TV interview, Heidi Lofthus, an HR professional who now works as a consultant, offered advice on finding the right career in gaming. Read on to benefit from her expertise!


About Heidi Lofthus

Heidi Lofthus is an HR professional and HR Connect ambassador. She moved to Malta in November 2009 to set up the Maltese division of RedBet, a company that is now owned by Mr Green Ltd. After 10 years at RedBet, Heidi moved to ComeOn, which is one of the largest gaming operators in Sweden. And now she enjoys studying coaching.

It seems that the gaming industry has evolved from what we were looking at 10 years ago. Is that what you think?

Definitely. When I moved to Gibraltar as a 22-year-old and started my career in customer support, it was basically all about Poker, which you see hardly anything of today. And it was also little regulated, as the US hadn’t kicked in at that time. So, it’s very much cowboy times versus now it’s much more controlled both banking wise and regulation wise. And obviously, problem gambling and anti-money laundering wise too. In short, compliance is the biggest thing now.

How does an individual know when the right time is to make a move?

I think everyone has their own drivers and everyone experiences different phases of their lives. Sometimes you feel like you just want to be challenged constantly and want to develop new skills and abilities. Whereas, sometimes you just want stability. In terms of knowing if it’s time for you to move on, consciously or unconsciously you would know that something is not really right or you may feel the excitement that wants you to move on. As such, it’s important for you to know that grass is now always greener on the other side. But if that’s your driver then go for it.

How do you prepare yourself for the shift when you know that it’s the right time to make a move?

 Giving yourself the best opportunities to be really good at your new job from day one is what you need to prepare for both practically and mentally. Also, you need to get all the admin out of the way so that you can really focus on your new job with as little distractions as possible. In short, you need to sort out your personal life and the things around it.

If you’re being promoted in the same company, you need to think of your relationship with your new manager and your new teammates. In case you’re swapping into a new company that is located somewhere else, you need to think of things like how you are going to logistically take yourself and how it is going to affect your life in general.  Also, things like getting in contact with good renting agencies, looking for a good house and how you’re going to go from house to work matter a lot if there’s stress going around your personal life. So, be as prepared as possible in terms of personal life.

What are the most common career mistakes people make?

Companies in the gaming industry are constantly expanding and reorganizing and hence, we see a lot of acquisitions and mergers. As the company grows and becomes more multilayered, the person who might be the best fit for a particular role gets promoted as a manager or team leader. This sometimes prompts other potential people to leave. These are more management mistakes, though.

What matters for you as an employee is deciding what’s your career path based on your true interest. Also, you should not really have money and titles as your only drivers, as what makes you really good is your personal interests. If you don’t have a personal interest in what you’re doing, it’s going to be hard and will be taking a lot of energy to make you really good at that.

How do you prepare your CV to stand out to get to the next stage?

It all depends a bit on where you are in your career. If you are young and you don’t have that much work experience, less can be more. Remember the recruiter is there to match your CV with the open role. So, if you clutter down a lot of words and make a messy CV to compensate for your lack of experience, then your uniqueness or the reason for you to actually apply for that role might actually get missed out. Just make sure that you have a structured CV that shows everything that’s needed.

How do I make the right impression in an interview?

If you apply for a role with my company, I want you to be working with me. So, the more well-read you are at my company, the more I will be oppressed. As such, you must study the company, prepare yourself and practice.

Some tips that can help you in making the right impression in the interview:

  • Know where the company is located and whether it has offices in different geographical locations.
  • If it’s listed on the stock exchange, then you have a fantastic way in – there are quarterly reports you can read up on and you can even match it with your values.
  • If you feel that your values are met, then it is a company for you to apply for. Remember that it’s not only the company that wants a new person, you also want a company that suits you.  
  • Make sure you understand and prepare yourself in terms of the role you’re applying for. You can give feedback on what you’ve encountered on at the services.
  • Try to understand what’s the purpose of the company, what’s the purpose of the role they’re looking for and how can you contribute to the success of the company.

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