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Top iGaming jobs in 2020

Disa Stigh

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October 13, 2020

The iGaming industry has expanded rapidly, reinforced by innovative AI and payment technology, increasing demand from emerging markets and regulatory change. Here are what we see as some of the key patterns that impact job possibilities:

  1. North America development

The doors have opened up for American states to regulate sportsbooks following the 2018 repeal of the notorious Professional and Amateur Sports Safety Act (PASPA), which legally outlawed sports betting in the US, and 10 states have done exactly that. As a result, operations in the US have been ramped up by many operators, generating numerous new positions for those with the right ability. It is predicted that North America will be the world’s biggest sports betting industry by 2023.

  1. All the changes in Europe

It’s not just the US that is facing a revolution in legislation. In 2019, the Netherlands, Spain, Scandinavia and Portugal have all passed essential legislation, so operators must remain ahead of the situation. Although several laws have included tightening controls to shield customers from theft and problem gambling, globalisation has also taken place, for instance, with the Czech Republic relaxing limitations on foreign operators.

  1. Leadership keeps expanding

Wages are growing at the leadership level and there are significant positions to take, including the highest demand for new goods and developing markets. The landscape is so dynamic that companies are prepared to pay over the odds to secure the best talent to lead their organisation forward, which ensures that talented applicants will secure career development, with some corporations’ now promising foreign relocation. There is tremendous demand in a variety of industry fields due to the aforementioned trends.

  1. Tech and Design

Many that are in technical positions are in high demand. When demand greatly exceeds supply for applicants with niche technological expertise, skilled practitioners will command high wages and benefits.

  1. Project and Product

In the online gaming industry, product positions are pivotal, helping fast-moving companies to turn plans into practice and perform efficiently in new markets. There are also many options in this field and we have seen substantial pay rises (up to 35%) being provided to job-movers with the right ambition and expertise. You would be appealing to visionary businesses in the industry if you have a track record of delivering revolutionary new technologies in iGaming.

  1. Management of revenue and accounts

It’s a good time to be a sales or account manager in the iGaming market, with wages up 5-10% year-on-year and several firms giving top performers generous incentive and reward packages. Although UK opportunities seem to be the best-paid, emerging markets such as LatAm and Africa still have substantial demand.

  1. Marketing

Specialized skills and expertise are needed for marketing in the iGaming industry, which is why business experience is often a plus. Marketing organisations are under scrutiny, while staying legal, to formulate fresh and creative bonuses to draw and keep clients. We have also seen some proof of gambling firms looking to merge positions lately, such as hiring one person to perform both CRM and content creation duties, so you can stand in good stead for a varied skill set.

  1. Finance and Services

In maintaining companies going at the rate expected to remain competitive, the backbone of every company, financing and operations play a crucial role. Many enterprises are thus hesitant to sacrifice on talent, always searching for individuals with the right commercial expertise and project management expertise to accelerate progress. You’ll typically find major opportunities around the industry if you have expertise in logistics, HR and payments within the online gaming market.

An overview of the best-paid iGaming jobs in the various departments

Like all other industries in every other sector, iGaming businesses run according to industry norms. Jobs prospects also involve not just specialised positions within the iGaming business, but also other professional functions that are relevant to a company’s daily activities, such as marketing or finance. 

First, you will need to find out which region you are falling into, as this will decide if before you apply you will need some casino or betting experience. Projects involving betting expertise are also likely to be connected to sportsbook activities, which handle all things related to sports betting. A work that requires casino experience, on the other hand, applies to the world of internet slots, table games and live tables.

To give you a good view of what is on offer, we will break down the most in-demand divisions within a traditional iGaming market below. You have to keep in mind, though, that the industry is very fast-paced and intensely competitive, and wage deals are likely to fluctuate according to business demands daily.

1. Data and Programming

iGaming businesses carry out their operation within the online realm. This means just one thing: to ensure that the website is still working at the smoothest, they need a top-notch technological infrastructure. Only a team capable of carrying out quick troubleshooting and successful problem-solving will do this. And this is why some of the best sought-after iGaming positions are those in the Data & Programming divisions since an enterprise’s overall performance so much relies on the skills of the experts in this field. More recently, to meet the need for data analytics, we have also seen several iGaming businesses develop new positions that incorporate data analytics, technology and marketing.

Software Developers: The key tasks include the development and implementation of software including .Net, Java and C from a technical point of view. Other programming languages are also quickly gaining strength, such as Python and Ruby.

  • Front End Developers: They are the persons who work on that section of the platform through whom the user directly connects, known as the front end. With the ultimate goal of enhancing ultimate website performance, they will be responsible for writing HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Mobile/iOS Developers: Approximately 50% of the digital game market is dominated by the mobile gaming industry and the industry is also seeing strong growth. This has made those positions very attractive, with developers concentrating on designing and developing Smartphone applications, iOS devices and native HTML5.

2. Legal and Finance

This is one of the key divisions in every business organisation where you do not need any iGaming experience to apply. Instead, by recruiting new hires, prospective managers can strive for the best ethical and quality requirements. Under this grouping, accounting, payroll and legal positions all fall.

  • Accountant (qualified): This person will be responsible for day-to-day accounting, financial statements and management advice.
  • Legal: Responsible for business-related legal matters, such as consulting the director/board, writing and confirming contracts with personnel and vendors, ensuring that the company complies with all applicable rules, such as gaming regulations, etc.

3. Creative 

Creative positions within iGaming are not that far from those within other industries, perceived to be the ‘pleasant’ areas of the industry. These divisions generally provide a range of opportunities, with corporations often keen to broaden their staff and improve their market reach. 

  • Content Writer: This position revolves around iGaming industry awareness. Depending on whether you are applying for a sport or a casino role, you will be expected to have the relevant knowledge as you will need to write about a variety of topics that require familiarity with the topics.
  • Content Manager: Here, the operation of effective content development and execution around the company, the management of the in-house writers’ team and, possibly, even freelancers, will be required to be handled and accomplished.

4. Marketing

Most positions normally include iGaming industry expertise (both betting and casino) and you may need to be very familiar with the technology of the goods you are supporting. Among the places that a variety of firms regularly advertise, we find:

  • Head of Marketing: A vital role within iGaming firms, this entity is responsible for determining the marketing team’s strategic strategy when designing and recording marketing activities. There is also an aspect of contact with the market and product teams and a strong understanding of both betting and casino is desirable because it is also an all-encompassing position.
  • Graphic designer: This is one of the few marketing positions that does not require knowledge of iGaming, but where it is important to have technological skills. Depending on the business, a graphic designer can be assigned to one brand or more, with the designer providing all the graphic specifications for that brand.

5. Administrative

Another department where knowledge of iGaming is not usually necessary, it involves all those functions that are required for the smooth running of an agency, providing operational structure and overseeing the general day-to-day operations.

  • HR Administration: A competent standard of human resources management is expected for all organisations, and iGaming is no exception. If the organisation you are applying to is one of the larger ones, plan to be part of a team of two to three persons with the requisite professional skills and/or experience.
  • SEO Specialist: This role can land you a handsome salary and above with experience and promotions to managerial level. You will be responsible for ensuring a strong ranking score for the relevant business as the SEO specialist. For this position, experience with iGaming is not appropriate.
  • Affiliate Manager: This role covers both betting and casino, with affiliate managers required to focus on recruiting new affiliates and expanding existing relationships, while managing accounts to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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